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I am flexible, I have a solution-oriented mindset and I am always there to offer a sympathetic ear. Others generally describe me as supportive, calm and reliable. Outside of my job as a dentist, I love cycling, running and yoga. I also enjoy reading books and cooking for friends.

Father and daughter working together

I graduated as a dentist in August 2021 and I am the daughter of practice owner Robert Müller. I often visited the practice as a child and while growing up, and I have always felt at home at TAND150. My father and I have a great relationship and can work together very well. During my dentistry studies, I assisted my father, which already taught me a lot. His many years of experience in the dentistry field are very educational and I am sure that he will be learning from me as well, because I have learned about the newest technologies and scientific insights in my studies. That is how we work together to provide great quality care.

How can you tell that the TAND150 team really knows their patients?

I think it’s because the dental healthcare professionals at TAND150 know exactly what their patients need. And, of course, that is only possible because they show genuine interest, ask questions and listen to their patients. At TAND150, our patients are our main focus.

How do you want to really get to know patients?

I believe it’s important to have an elaborate intake process with new patients. During the intake, I ask patients about their dental past, experiences, symptoms and wishes. They also have the opportunity to ask questions. That is how I get to know my patients and how I can develop a treatment plan that suits the specific person. The steady patient population and regular checkups help me to monitor how my patients are doing and what the status of their problems is.

Why should people get to know TAND150?

Because TAND150 provides customized oral care. The practice also offers the best possible care by combining the latest scientific insights and years of experience. Dental care practitioners with different types of work experience and specializations work at the practice. They do additional training courses that help them apply the newest insights, techniques, and treatment methods in our practice.


What are your specializations?

Periodic checkups
Root canal treatment
Teeth whitening

Office hours

Wednesday 2:00 pm am to 8:30 pm.

Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.