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Invisible braces

We create customized, removable and invisible braces that can optimize teeth position.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces (also known as clear aligners) are a set of vacuum formed, transparent correcting covers that can be removed. Do you have crooked or crowded teeth, or a misaligned bite? Invisible braces can fix this and give you straight teeth. If there is little space in your mouth and your teeth and molars don’t align, invisible braces can be a good solution. Often, the position of your teeth is caused by a combination of poor jaw development and an irregular dental position. At TAND150, we work with Invisalign and Spark.


In what cases can an Invisible brace help?

Invisalign and Spark offer invisible braces that are suitable for nearly everybody who wants straight teeth. The aligners can be worn when the jaws have stopped growing, which is usually around the age of 18. In very few cases invisible braces are not a suitable solution, for example ,if there are extreme dental anomalies or if the gums are inflamed.


Why do people choose invisible braces?

Many people are unhappy with the position of their teeth. Besides the well-known metal braces, you can now also choose virtually invisible aligners that are removable. An ideal solution for everybody who doesn’t want to wear visible braces. Clear aligners can be removed at any time, for example, while eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.


What does the treatment entail?

During an intake, the dentist discusses your wishes and expectations with you. Based on this information, we determine whether invisible braces can provide the desired results for your situation. Depending on the misalignments the braces should fix, treatment takes between 6 to 18 months. Before the invisible braces can be placed, we make a dental impression with an impression tray that we then use to digitize your teeth in 3D. We can then see which alignments are necessary. We use a visualization technique, which allows you to have a sneek peek at the end result. If you agree with the treatment plan and visualized end result, we have the customized invisible braces made and start treatment.


What do invisible braces cost?

Depending on the misalignment of the teeth, invisible braces cost between €1,000 and €3,800. Feel free to ask your TAND150 dentist for more information if you are interested in invisible braces.


Are invisible braces covered by health insurance?

Braces are not covered by Dutch basic health insurance, neither for adults nor for children. If you wish to receive reimbursement, you can take out additional dental insurance.

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