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In 1989, Robert Müller graduated as a dentist in Amsterdam and started his dental practice on Koningslaan 52. In the years that followed, the focus shifted more and more towards preventive care. That is why the practice decided to hire an oral hygienist who performed dental hygiene treatments, focusing on preventive and oral care in order to prevent and reverse tooth decay and periodontal diseases. In 2003, the growing number or patients and, as a result, more employees led to the decision to move the practice to its current location: Koninginneweg 150.


New Techniques

In 2000, Robert was one of the first dentists in the Netherlands to receive training for using a computer technology for dental restorations with materials custom-made on the spot, such as crowns, bridges, facings, and inlays: CEREC. At TAND150, new developments in the dentistry field are monitored closely and our employees continuously receive additional education. That is how we can apply the newest insights, techniques, and treatment methods in our practice.