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We have used the CEREC method to fabricate our crowns for 22 years. CEREC combines state of the art technology and patient-friendliness, because it can create crowns in as little as 2 hours.


What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth or molar that is placed over your own tooth or molar. At TAND150, crowns are almost always fabricated with the CEREC method.
This means that the crown is made from ceramic material that is available in a wide variety of tooth colors, making the crown indistinguishable from the natural teeth and molars. The material is sustainable and has a very long life span. Making and placing the crown takes up less than 2 hours. Uncomfortable steps such as multiple sedations and dental impressions are no longer necessary.


When do you need a crown?

If a tooth or molar has been filled too many times, or if a fractured molar has left insufficient natural tooth structure to use a filling, a crown can be used to protect the tooth or molar. 

Crowns can also be used for esthetic reasons, for example, if you have any discoloration or tooth shape that bothers you. If a tooth or molar is missing, a bridge or implant can be used. An implant then functions as an artificial tooth root that is the basis of the crown.


What does a crown cost?

The costs for making and placing a crown depend on any pretreatments (filling, implant, or root canal treatment) and the chosen material. A crown treatment costs approximately €600. We will gladly tell you about our treatment options and costs.


Is a crown covered by insurance?

A crown is not covered by basic Dutch health insurance. (A part of) the costs could be covered by any additional dental insurance that you may have.


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