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Do I need a mouthguard?

Dental protection from a mouthguard can be necessary for athletes and for people who grind their teeth. With some sports (such as hockey), players are required to wear a guard. At TAND150, mouthguards for sports are customized for your teeth.

If you grind your teeth, a mouthguard can protect your teeth from damage as a result of grinding and also helps diminish grinding and clenching.


Why should you choose a customized mouthguard from the dentist?

There are different types of mouthguards. You can buy ready-made guards at sport stores. However, these guards do not fit your teeth well, which means they cannot properly absorb the blow from a hockey ball, for example. Moreover, these guards are not built up of multiple layers with different densities, like a professionaly made mouthguard. The best way to protect your teeth is by wearing a custom-made mouthguard from your dentist. The perfect fit ensures an ideal ‘crumple zone’. Our mouthguards are available in a variety of colors.


Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding is a very common, damaging dental condition. Both adults and children can suffer from it, and there are even babies and toddlers who grind their teeth. In the long run, tooth grinding can lead to (severe) dental injury, jaw pain, and even fractured fillings.


Dental guard (splint)

A guard that prevents or reduces injury from tooth grinding is officially called a splint. It is a protective device of 2-3 millimeters thick and is made of transparent synthetic resin. After making a plaster dental impression, a dental technician customly makes the splint. The splint is only warn during the night.

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