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What is a filling?

A filling, or dental restorative, is the material (composite for example) that the dentist uses to fill cavities in a tooth or molar after removing the decayed area. Fillings can also be placed to relieve tooth sensitivity issues triggered by eating or drinking hot, cold, sugary or sour foods or drinks. The dentist can then cover sensitive root surfaces with a filling. A tooth or molar can also be filled if a piece has chipped or broken off. Finally, existing fillings sometimes need to be replaced if they are fractured, for example. A filling helps you chew comfortably again and prevents further (pain) symptoms.


What does the treatment entail?

If necessary, the dentist will numb the area. Then he uses a drill to remove tooth decay or the old filling. Once the molar is completely clean and dry, it is etched in order to roughen the tissue to improve attachment of the filling material. Then a layer of special ‘glue’ is added on which the filling will be built up in layers. In the meantime, the filling material is cured with a blue light. The filling is finished with a small drill.


What does a filling cost?

Costs for a filling are influenced by the chosen filling materials and the size of the filling, among other factors. We will gladly tell you about expected costs in your situation. More information about costs for filling activities (parts of a treatment), can be found on this page.


Is a filling covered by insurance?

For adults, a filling is not covered by Dutch basic health insurance.  (A part of) the costs could be covered by any additional dental insurance that you may have.

For children, a filling is covered by Dutch basic health insurance.




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