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Practical information


On this page, you can read about practical matters, such as booking and coming to appointments, treatment costs and payment, and who you can contact if you have any questions or if you are not satisfied.

Booking an appointment

We work strictly on appointment basis for all our treatments and checkups. In case of a necessary treatment, we are always able to help you on short notice. Periodic checkups should be booked longer in advance. You can schedule an appointment by filling out the appointment form (at the bottom of this page) or by calling us at 020-6712141.


Appointment reminder

We send appointment reminders. This is an extra service that we provide free of charge. No rights may be derived from it. Should you for some reason not receive a reminder, please note that your appointment may still stand.



Costs for dental treatments in the Netherlands are determined by the Nza (the Dutch Healthcare Authority), which is a Dutch government body. This means that for all activities (a treatment consists of multiple activities) a price has been set that cannot be exceeded. A treatment at TAND150 can be priced differently than the same treatment at another dental practice, if the treatment consists of different activities. For example, if a root canal treatment is performed with an operating microscope for quality reasons. For more information about costs, please click here.


Being late for your appointment

If you are late for an appointment, there is a chance that we will not be able to perform the treatment completely according to plan. In some cases, the appointment will have to be canceled or rescheduled due to time constraints.


Missing your appointment

If you are not able to come to your appointment, please let us know two working days before the appointment at the latest. That way, we are able to reschedule the appointment slot with another patient. If you are not able to cancel in time of if you miss your appointment, the costs for the time booked will be charged. In case of repeated no-shows without notice, we reserve the right to remove you as a patient from our practice.


Is your (medical) information still up-to-date?

If there is any change in your personal details, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can change the information in your file (for example a new phone number, email address or home address). This also applies to any changes regarding your health. Prior to your first visit, we ask you to fill out a form about your health and medicine use. It is of vital importance that you give us complete and truthful information in order to prevent complications.



You can choose one of the following three payment methods:

·       You can pay with a debit card right after the treatment.

·       We can send the invoice to your health insurance company.

·       You can receive the invoice through Infomedics.


Unpaid invoices will be handed over to a debt-collection agency. This can lead to very high costs. Please make sure that you pay the invoice in time. If this is really not possible, reach out to us or to Infomedics in order to find a solution.


Not satisfied?

If you feel treated of informed wrongly or negligently, we believe it is important that you express your dissatisfaction. Please contact us for a clarifying conversation in which you can then tell us about your experience and how you feel about it. It is important to us that we know what is going on, and we will look for a solution together. If we do not succeed in doing this, you can contact the Tandheelkundig Informatie Punt (TIP) for information and advice. TIP is an information point of the professional association for dentists, orgal surgeons and orthodontists in the Netherlands (KNMT)  and can give you information about lodging a complaint.


Safety in our practice

Our practice is secured with camera surveillance in order to protect you and our team. Please watch your possessions. We are not liable for any damage, theft or loss of your possessions. We advise you to not leave your possessions unattended.


Phone use

We kindly request you to not make or answer phone calls in our waiting rooms, treatment rooms, or at the reception desk, because it may disturb other patients or our receptionist. We also request you to mute your mobile phone.


Privacy and confidentiality

We are bound by professional confidentiality and secrecy obligations. This entails that we cannot disclose any information to persons or institutions that are not involved in the treatment. Only information that is necessary for a patient’s treatment is registered and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are not affiliated with the national Electronic Patient Record (EPD).



The ceilings of our treatment rooms are decorated with a changing exhibition of the remarkable photographic works by Reinier Gerritsen (







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